Volcano (Damien Rice cover) now available in all the usual places (see link for more)


Patrick Mc Eleney bio image

Patrick Mc Eleney grew up in Donegal watching the Atlantic tides come and go. The passing of time, much like song writing, has forever been on his mind.

Over the years, he has travelled, collecting words, sketching melodies and experiencing life. Growing, learning, hurting and healing.

You can hear it in his voice. The introverted honesty he quietly asserts feels colossal in its weight while impossibly intimate in his delivery.

He uses piano, guitar, strings, cuatro and other instruments he’s acquired along the way. For the last few years he has pushed himself to arrange and record them while forcing himself to rise above the deafening self-doubt.

“This song punched me in the gut… I was a bit of a mess when I first heard this track”- Andrea Madden, Music supervisor for Made in Chelsea (on the song ‘Everything changes with you’)

“These lyrics are so raw and relatable, they are incredible. You have a brilliantly sensitive way of expressing emotions that are very difficult to describe” – SongDoor International song competition team (on the song ‘Nervous’)

Photography by Lisa Byrne @ Wrapped in Plastic photography