Welcome to the Spotty Dog music blog :)

From Urban dictionary: Spotty Dog – “Descriptive of that which is excellent. A synonym for Good, Super, Wicked, Fantastic, Brilliant and so on.” 


And so it begins, I’m finally attempting to write a blog about music after all these years of hinting at it 🙂 


To get things started, here is a couple of Spotify Playlists that I’m currently updating more than I should be! Feel free to follow / let me know if you think of any good songs that could be a good fit!

1 – Spotty Dog – This is a playlist of the top 50 songs that I’m playing at the minute Spotty Dog playlist on Spotify

2 – 80’s Summer Synth – I’m going through a phase of listening to modern yet 80’s throwback synth music if you feel like listening along 80’s Summer Synth playlist on Spotify

I will be attempting to update the blog pretty regularly with reviews, music videos and a few playlists to keep you going but let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover 🙂

– Patrick

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